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Help List

Welcome to! After reading the content below, you will get a deeper understanding of's six functional parts. If you get any question when using and need our help, you can contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

Product Directory

In our database there are abundant products made in World and the detailed information of their suppliers. You can inquire by browsing the projector categories level by level or by Search-just input the relevant product/company's name in the search box.

If you are a company, to be exposed to all the global traders, you can add the information of your company and products to Product Directory after registering successfully.


Offer Board

Offer Board every member of can post offer to buy, sell or cooperate, even if you are not a Chinese company. Here you will get the offers all around the world.

Offer Board is classified into Projector categories and you can browse level by level or by keyword search. To get a more exact and quick search result, you can narrow the range, such as offer types (offer to sell, offer to buy, offer to cooperate or all offers) or publish limit (the last 2 days, the last 5 days, the last 10 days, the last 20 days, the last 30 days or all).

Offer List can be display by Subject, County or Time. Click each offer, you will see its details; Click Publisher, you will see its company information.

After log in, you can post/reply to new offers on Offer Board or manage your offers.

Offer: All the information of buying, selling or cooperating posted/replied by you/others is called offer.


Inquiry Basket

Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart in which you can add your interested companies, products and offers during searching. Later you can compare this information together or send all your inquiries at once.


Virtual Office

It's the virtual office where members of work. Here you can handle official business, update your company and products information, and manage you Favorites.

  1. Message Centre
    It's a message management centre for members. All your messages from and others are stored in Inbox. Once you get a new message, will inform you immediately. After log in and enter you virtual Office, you can read, reply or delete the message. Moreover, to be of great help to you, in Sent Items you can also check the messages you have sent on

    If you want to backup some messages, you can use Download Messages, which will download the messages in last 3 months. You can add your interested companies to Contact Info and contact them later. You can also use Black List to refuse messages from your uninterested companies.

  2. Member Info
    Here you can add and edit your company information. Only when your company information has been validated by us successfully, your other information may be published. Besides, you can edit your personal information in Contact Person Info. For Premium Members, you can also set Alternate Contact Persons, who will help you manage your products and offers.

  3. My Groups
    Only Premium Members-China Suppliers can use My Groups. By setting groups, you can not only display your products and offers in your own category, but also let your Alternate Contact Persons help you manage the groups.

  4. Favorites
    You can add your interested information (products, offers, companies, catalogs etc.) to Favorites and delete it as you needed. Later you can browse the information directly in Favorites List without need to find by Search or Categories again.

  5. Product Alert
    This is a message subscription service. You can subscribe your interested product categories as you needed. We will send your subscription to your email gradually.

  6. My Showroom
    My Showroom is a free service which provide China Suppliers with. Here you can display your company and products information (pictures & text).

    If you have been a member of and all your company and products information has been validated successfully, your showroom will be automatically created:
    English version:
    My Showroom has complete information (no product limit), fine appearance, simple URL and convenient management. You can use it as the electronic stage in this information times and recommend it to your partners.

Info Centre

For your convenience we have compiled some useful information and links to various important websites. If you need to find out how to get a Chinese visa, if you want to know the time in Beijing, or have questions about international trade regulations, etc, you can find the answers easily in the Info Centre.


Trade Service

The Trade Service area provides you with an outline of the Premium Service, which helps overseas purchasers buy China products more efficiently. If you want more information, please contact us.


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